Improve Your Business’s Efficiency with Easier Policies

Improve Your Office’s Efficiency with Better Procedures and Policies





In How to Improve Practice Efficiency with Effective Policies and Procedures, Sandra Curd urges medical practices to employ some widely used business and human resources measures to enhance their efficiency. Her advice could probably apply to virtually any professional practice arena.

Motivation for Establishing Personnel Policies

Several of the protocols she recommends help busy offices enhance revenue streams through tighter organization. She maintains that medical practices benefit by adopting these simple ideas, designed to reduce staff confusion and enforce better adherence to rules on a day to day level. Employees will cooperate, learn their duties more quickly, and gain empowerment by understanding the full scope of their individual position responsibilities. Written guidelines also reduce employee litigation involving personnel matters.



Three Essential Personnel Manuals

Ms. Curd strongly recommends that every professional practice spend time preparing three essential types of manuals. First, a clearly written job description manual covering every position in the organization allows employees to comprehend the full scope of their daily responsibilities. Second, a policy manual provides guidance concerning carrying out job duties. Third, a manual delineating office policies and protocols can offer guidance to staff members when questions arise about the way they should handle a recurring issue.


Employee manual
Employee manual

Preparing Each Manual

Professional practices can benefit by first creating a template and then delegating the responsibility for manual preparation to those most impacted by the final documents. Insights gained through networking and discussing job-related issues allows the participants to gain a broader perspective concerning the job duties of everyone in the office. A medical practice should accord from six months to a year for the completion of this group assignment.


Suggested Manual Format

Ideally, every manual should include certain basic material, in addition to its specific subject content. For instance, by specifically numbering and dating every page, members of the drafting committee expedite future revisions. For the sake of clarity, the finished product should include a description of the subject matter, the name of the individual approving the new document, the designation of the impacted department and a manager’s signature conferring approval.

Periodic Review and Revision

It remains vital to include a protocol for periodically reviewing and revising the three personnel manuals. Why? Practice environments do not remain static. As changes occur, the staff members should take steps to keep their manuals up to date and fully current.


Updating information
Updating information

Several Benefits of Maintaining Written Manuals

Written manuals reduce administrative stress in nine specific ways. These issues merit some individual attention. Although not all of the benefits will pertain in every single instance, professional practices may encounter each of these advantages at some point.

Benefit Number One: Maximize Training Efficiency
The manuals reduce training time in many ways. For one thing, redundancy during training is eliminated.

Benefit Number Two: Enhance Clarity
Manuals establish clear policies. This step eliminates conflicting verbal directions.

Benefit Number Three: Establish Job Performance Criteria
The presence of written guidelines lets employees know very clearly the specific criteria by which their job performances will be evaluated. This step empowers them.


Training employees
Training employees


Benefit Number Four: Train New Employees Faster
By giving every employee copies of all three manuals, the professional practice offers new hires an invaluable resource. These guidelines can assist them in learning their jobs faster.

Benefit Number Five: Streamline
Written protocols help promote uniformity. Therefore, they can help streamline operational activities in an office environment.

Benefit Number Six: Promote Fairness
The manuals can eliminate the administrative stress experienced by employees who are asked to perform certain tasks. Managers will not unfairly delegate roles outside of employee job descriptions when duties are set forth clearly in writing. Additionally, the practice will not expect individual employees to perform work for which they are not compensated.




Benefit Number Seven: Better Accountability
By outlining a specific role for each position, and enumerating its duties, managers establish a clear chain of command in the organization. This situation often encourages employees to accept greater accountability for their actions; everyone in the office will understand who is responsible for performing a particular task.

Benefit Number Eight: Clarify Position Descriptions
A clear description of every position in the organization lets employees know the specific boundaries of their duties much better. It eliminates management problems that can sometimes arise when one employee endeavors to intrude onto another’s job responsibilities, for instance.

Benefit Number Nine: Resolve Staff Complaints More Easily
A set of clearly written office protocols and procedures allows managers to address staff complaints more easily. An administrator can simply direct the attention of employees to a particular manual provision in order to resolve workplace disputes. Written rules also reduce instances of formal grievances.





Taking the effort to empower employees through the creation of formal written guidelines, professional medical practices can reduce administrative stress and enhance workplace morale. They also massively increase efficiency!

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